Voiceover Service

Services Formula

When describing a service, the post will usually become pretty dense with information.

Ideally, we’ll want to make sure that information is accessible in different forms for different learning styles or desires. If you like, you can even record short video snippets describing any of the points below. This can be a helpful way for a client to absorb information and decide if they are motivated or not to book.

  1. Client Desires
    1. Think of the IDEAL client for this service package. Where are they at in their process? How are they feeling? What would they want from an editor and creative companion at this stage of their journey?
  2. Basic Package Overview
    1. This is where we will introduce what is outlined on the Service Packages page: the title of the package/service, a subtitle that sparks a little intrigue, and the 4 “core elements” of the service. Ideally, these core elements speak directly to the client’s desires.
  3. Experience Map
    1. This is a step-by-step breakdown of how the service works. What does the flow look like? How does the client play a role, and what do they receive from you in the process?
  4. Portfolio + Testimonials
    1. No need to write anything here – this section will feature relevant case studies. We can select specific ones to display, or simply let the most recent case studies fill this space. The testimonials will be what is featured, so no matter what the service is, the post will speak to how you delivered it.
  5. Package Details + FAQ
    1. Any other nuances or “need-to-knows” before someone books should go here. You can also provide this information in the form of an “FAQ” and think of 3-4 common questions someone might have about this service.
  6. Experience Highlights
    1. This is the juiciest part of the service description 🍓 what is the experience you create for your client, from beginning to end? what do they walk away with? how do you help them rise to the challenges of the writing process? how do they feel?
  7. Final Call-to-Action: Book Now
    1. One to three lines, we just want to prompt them to book.

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