Case Study

Case Study Formula

We’ll want to create a sort of “formula” for these posts. By having a consistent format of presenting information, users can more quickly grasp what they are looking at and focus more on the content itself, rather than the way it’s organized.

None of these sections have to be very long. Please feel free to use bullet points or paragraphs, but whatever you do, make sure you are feeling delicious as you are writing! And give yourself full permission to brag outrageously about your feats. Tell an epic tale of this victory.

  1. Testimonial (Letting the clients words speak first is a great way to get people’s attention and also summarize the experience from the user’s perspective. They will more quickly identify with this than anything else.)
  2. “The Work” Details (client desires/goals, title of the piece, genre, length edited, other useful tidbits writers might think about – these will lend themselves nicely to short bullets)
  3. Service Details (package name, what made working with this client special? what stood out about their work, and how did you help shape it?)
  4. Results (did the client achieve their goals, move in another direction, or discover something totally new? How were they when they left you, and how was the work?)
  5. Personal Reflection (Short and sweet. What were your favorite moments working with this client? What were you most proud of in your work together? What were some of the challenging things that came up and how did you handle them with grace?)